We are always available for emergencies. Call 0182 - 525 606 and choose choice 1.


You can make an appointment between 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. Only during our breaks we do not answer. The morning break lasts from quarter to 10 to 10 o'clock. The afternoon break lasts from 1 o'clock to half past 1.

Our number is 0182 - 525 606. Then choose choice 3.


The front desk is open from 8 am to 5 pm.


Every day we close in the evening. We are also closed on weekends and holidays.

Do you have an emergency when we are closed? Then you can go to the GP center. The phone number of the center is 0182 - 322 488.

The address of the GP center is Bleulandweg 10 in Gouda.

About your appointment

How long does an appointment take?

An appointment at the GP takes 15 minutes. In that time, you can discuss one issue. Do you have multiple issues? Or do you think you need more time? Let us know when you make an appointment.

Please let us know what issue you are coming for. Then we can take that into account.

Reschedule or cancel an appointment

Can't make it to an appointment? If so, please call off in a timely manner. Then we will use that time for other patients. If you do not show up without cancellation, you will receive a warning. If it happens again, we will send you a bill of 10 euros or 20 euros (depending on the type of appointment). You must pay this bill at the front desk before you can make another appointment or order medication.

Do you have corona?

Do a self-test for these symptoms:

  • colds and coughs
  • sudden loss of smell or taste
  • fever
  • rapid or difficult breathing

Do you have severe corona symptoms? If so, call 0182-525606.

What to bring to your appointment?

If you take many medications, it is helpful to make a list. Write down which medications you use and take that list with you.

Don't come too early or too late

It is important that you arrive on time. Try to arrive about 5 minutes in advance. That way the waiting room won't get too full and your appointment won't run late.

Extra information


The assistant performs the following tasks:

  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Measuring sugar
  • Checking wounds
  • Injections, for example the hypodermic pill
  • Syringing ears
  • Taking swabs
  • Making heart films (ECGs)

Callback request

We have a telephone consultation hour. During this hour you can call the doctor. This consultation hour is for minor complaints and short advice. Would you like to talk longer to the doctor? Then you can make an appointment.

Do you want to call the doctor? Call the assistant first thing in the morning. You can tell her what you want to talk about. The assistant will arrange for the doctor to call you. This call will be in the early afternoon.

Home appointments

Most patients come to the practice. Here we have the best equipment to help patients. However, sometimes people really can't come. Because they are very sick for example. If so the doctor goes to the patient's home.

Can't you come to the practice? Then you can ask the assistant for an appointment at home. She will ask about your symptoms. This way she can decide whether the doctor will come to you.

Please note that home appointments are not for people without a bicycle or car. Even in that case you have to come to the practice yourself.

Moet ik naar de dokter?

Unsure if you should see a doctor? You can test it at First you fill out a list of questions. Then you'll know whether you need to make an appointment.

If in doubt, you can always call our assistant.

Meer weten over klachten?

The website contains information about diseases. This information is compiled by doctors. Therefore, this website is reliable.